Clear’s gorgeous face appreciation post (✿◠‿◠)

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sending friends sad otp songs and waiting for them to get upset like


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me leaving school

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My Hecarim Cosplay by Darkgodmaru

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Astrid of How to Train Your Dragon 2 fanimation

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Pokemon Tumblr photoset

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[softly] Don’t.
Also, if anybody has to do this because they’re on mobile, message me. I have a whole masterlist of ways to cut it, somewhere on this blog. I just. Hate. Seeing this clog my dash.
If nothing else, please tag your mobile rps with the tag long post so that it actually gets blocked by people who blacklist it. (It won’t help me, since I can’t get X-Kit on this god awful computer, but it’ll help some people.)
Just. D o n ’ t.

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beauty and the beast + text posts.

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